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Jan 27th, 2014



Understanding the Responsibilities of Pediatric Nursing


Child health nursing or better known as pediatric nursing is the field of nursing and medical practice which specializes on the health provision of the infants and children which also serves as the caregiver partners of the parents.


Pediatric Nursing: Prerequisites in Joining this Nursing Field

One has to experience a rigorous education at medical colleges/universities if one wants to become a successful paediatric nurse. Most of the times, to become a licensed nurse one have to accomplish a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Everyone also has to go through a final examination of their skills and knowledge about the field before getting a certificate. However, this is only the pathway to the nursing profession.

After becoming a registered nurse, you have to begin the specialized training for becoming a paediatric nurse. One should apply in a medical school that specializes in pediatric nursing. Also, one can engage in an internship training that will be offered by some hospitals to train a nurse in paediatrics. These internship training include clinical training and research and also the proper classroom lectures. The nurse will then take a standard exam that will allow her to become a certified paediatric nurse once the internship training is done.


Pediatric Nursing: What the Practice Involves

In pediatric nursing, one has the duty to maintain the proper health and wellness of a child, diagnosing and treating different child illnesses, immunizations, school physicals and anticipatory advices and counselling with respect to common child health issues. A paediatric nurse may also select their own field of specialization such as cardiology, oncology, dermatology, orthopaedics or gastroenterology. Specialty areas may require, again, additional education and training. Just be sure to check the local board of registration to verify the requirements for licensing of a paediatric specialty. In paediatric nursing, one also has to work intently with the patient and their family as part of the caring and healing process. The paediatric nurse will occasionally be involved in handling with the family’s anxiety of having a child who needs a proper and consistent medical attention. The paediatric nurse will serve as the key player in assisting the family’s resolve that was ruined by bewilderment because of panic, anxiety, stress and hopelessness over their child that needed medical care. The paediatric nurse is the medical professional that the patient and her family will get in touch more often.


Pediatric Nursing: How It Differs from Other Kinds of Nursing


In pediatric nursing, the patients are young and are still immature which added more challenge to the profession that will not be found in the other nursing fields. Children’s diseases and illnesses need more medical attention and care since they have a different impact on them than adults.
Paediatric nursing are in demand like the other nursing careers. The more training, knowledgeable and certifications a paediatric nurse got or has experienced the more in demand their skill and abilities set will become. Paediatric nursing is a rewarding and fulfilling career in itself but working and taking care of children, well; there’s just nothing better than that.

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